pyriemann.utils.covariance.cross_spectrum(X, window=128, overlap=0.75, fmin=None, fmax=None, fs=None)

Compute the complex cross-spectral matrices of a real signal X.

Xndarray, shape (n_channels, n_times)

Multi-channel time-series, real-valued.

windowint, default=128

The length of the FFT window used for spectral estimation.

overlapfloat, default=0.75

The percentage of overlap between window.

fminfloat | None, default=None

The minimal frequency to be returned.

fmaxfloat | None, default=None

The maximal frequency to be returned.

fsfloat | None, default=None

The sampling frequency of the signal.

Sndarray, shape (n_channels, n_channels, n_freqs)

Cross-spectral matrices, for each frequency bin.

freqsndarray, shape (n_freqs,)

The frequencies associated to cross-spectra.