pyriemann.utils.mean.mean_power(X=None, p=None, *, sample_weight=None, zeta=1e-09, maxiter=100, covmats=None)

Power mean of SPD/HPD matrices.

Power mean of order p is the solution of [1] [2]:

\[\mathbf{M} = \sum_i w_i \ \mathbf{M} \sharp_p \mathbf{X}_i\]

where \(\mathbf{A} \sharp_p \mathbf{B}\) is the geodesic between matrices \(\mathbf{A}\) and \(\mathbf{B}\).

Xndarray, shape (n_matrices, n, n)

Set of SPD/HPD matrices.


Exponent, in [-1,+1]. For p=0, it returns pyriemann.utils.mean.mean_riemann().

sample_weightNone | ndarray, shape (n_matrices,), default=None

Weights for each matrix. If None, it uses equal weights.

zetafloat, default=10e-10

Stopping criterion.

maxiterint, default=100

The maximum number of iterations.

Mndarray, shape (n, n)

Power mean.

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New in version 0.3.



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