pyriemann.utils.viz.plot_waveforms(X, display, *, times=None, color='gray', alpha=0.5, linewidth=1.5, color_mean='k', color_std='gray', n_bins=50, cmap=None)

Display repetitions of a multichannel waveform.

Xndarray, shape (n_reps, n_channels, n_times)

Repetitions of the multichannel waveform.

display{‘all’, ‘mean’, ‘mean+/-std’, ‘hist’}

Type of display:

  • ‘all’ for all the repetitions;

  • ‘mean’ for the mean of the repetitions;

  • ‘mean+/-std’ for the mean +/- standard deviation of the repetitions;

  • ‘hist’ for the 2D histogram of the repetitions.

timeNone | ndarray, shape (n_times,), default=None

Values to display on x-axis.

colormatplotlib color, optional

Color of the lines, when display=all.

alphafloat, optional

Alpha value used to cumulate repetitions, when display=all.

linewidthfloat, optional

Line width in points, when display=mean.

color_meanmatplotlib color, optional

Color of the mean line, when display=mean.

color_stdmatplotlib color, optional

Color of the standard deviation area, when display=mean+/-std.

n_binsint, optional

Number of vertical bins for the 2D histogram, when display=hist.

cmapColormap or str, optional

Color map for the histogram, when display=hist.

figmatplotlib figure

Figure of waveform (one subplot by channel).


New in version 0.3.